Ancient Pompeii Naples Guided Group Tour

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Discover the beauty of some of the world’s most fascinating archaeological sites: Pompeii and its ruins. Join us on tour to have a full immersion back to the roman times visiting ancient buildings, bakeries and Temples and admiring priceless frescoes and mosaics. You’ll learn how people lived at that time, visiting houses and “bars” of the time, admiring frescoes and mosaics to imagine how rich and prosperous was the city before the dreadful day. Guest of Roman Holiday Accommodation? Contact us to get a discount to

You visit: Naples and ruins of Pompeii

The tour includes: Transport, Professional guide, Entrance Tickets with skip the line, Lunch

Languages: English, Spanish, French and German

The tour ends around 8pm in the center of Rome.

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Ancient Pompeii Naples Guided Group Tour

Seize the opportunity to visit one of the most important archaeological sites in the world: Pompeii. You’ll spend a day surrounded by culture. Enjoy a panoramic overview of Naples and reach the haunting ruins of Pompeii, traveling back in time to the tragic days in 79 AD when the silent Mount Vesuvius suddenly erupted, covering the prosperous Roman city in deadly volcanic ashes and poisonous gases, leaving this prosperous city crystallized until our days. You will see the petrified bodies, the pleasure houses, the thermal baths, the forum and many other great sites. This tour offers you a great possibility for living the life of the ancient inhabitants through the innumerable remains discovered there: houses, villas, public buildings and streets of the 1st Century. Enjoy a meal in Pompeii area, then be ready to visit this incredible Roman city destroyed by the volcano.

3 reviews for Ancient Pompeii Naples Guided Group Tour

  1. Sandra

    What an amazing day!!! Peter was our guide: his knowledge, English and humor made the tour great. He made the ruins really come alive!!! We had a very good lunch before heading to Pompei and after a quick stop in Naples. The bus ride was quite comfortable, the tour well organized and both the bus driver and tour guide were quite accommodating. Highly recommended!

  2. Sarah K.

    This Naples/Pompeii Tour exceeded my expectations! The bus was comfortable and the a/c a plus. My friend and I especially enjoyed Pompeii, but Naples was nice, too. Our tour leader was extremely nice and very knowledgeable; she had an answer for every question. On the day we were picked up at 6:45am and taken to a meeting place for the larger bus. After a walk through Naples we had a lunch: delicious! Main course (pasta), second course and dessert. Water and coffee included. We enjoyed the amphitheatre and the theatre and all the ancient streets in Pompeii. Lot of walk and history. We took so many pictures! This was all in all an unforgettable experience. I highly recommend you go with this tour

  3. Lukas N.


    We visited Naples first: beautiful! The local tour guide drove us through the area and explained the historic significance of this wonderful city which has a ton of history.

    Pompei was awesome. It is amazing to see how these people lived back in the early AD before volcano went off in 79AD.

    It is a very big day, but worth it!

    The guide Luicia was excellent, informative and concise. Lot of information on the way of points of interest.

    The skip-the-line tickets made the difference in our visits!

    Thank you!

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